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1h 30min

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Book a private tour for your friends, family, school group and make your dream trip to Oxford by taking memorable pictures in exclusive sites of Oxford University. 

With a private tour you will get your tour guides full attention and it's just your group, meaning you're not going to miss a single detail of Oxford's many treasures. 

Whether you are after 90 minutes of 2 hours tour of the oldest University of the world, tailored to your interest and needs.

Oxford Walking Tours

Premium Plus Private Oxford University Walking Tours guide will take visitors on a journey of Oxford University and City with historic events dating back more than 1000 years ago. Our guides are experts and professional with a passion for Oxford’s historic sites. Our guides narrate the tour in a very interesting way that is simply understandable and entertaining.

Oxford Walking Tours

Our guide will be discussing Oxford’s great architecture, historic events which influenced the existence of Oxford University and the city.

Oxford Walking ToursIf you want to discover the history of Oxford, the best way is to go for a walking tour around Oxford thus populating your mind with famous people and long lasting old traditions. Indeed it is a way to remember the best academic practices in the history of the planet where the best kept secrets behind the academic walls could be discovered in the matter of few days. So come to one of the most popular walking tour of Oxford, the tour to Oxford University College and the Divinity School.

Oxford Walking Tours